How it works

Sexblotch is a catalyst for awakening your erotic self and provides a new dimension for your sexual fantasies.

By immersing you in a form of mindful hypnosis, Sexblotch helps you to discover a new, erotic mental space, one that belongs to you alone. Disconnecting in this erotic way allows you to gain greater awareness of your innermost private desires.

The fusion of image and sound lies at the very heart of Sexblotch. Your eyes follow natural, fluid movements of paints interacting with groans of desire, sighs and whispers, and musical moods that have been created especially for them. This mixing of image and sound creates a pathway to another realm. Here, nothing ever looks the same twice and everything is born anew.

Sexblotch gives you a real sense of wellbeing and liberation, letting your imagination run free and reconnecting you to your sensuality. With every viewing, with every experience, your desire awakens, arousing you in an utterly new way.

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