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Sexblotch takes you on a journey beyond the clichés of pornographic images to engage your senses in a highly abstract, liberating way.
With no flesh or bodies on show, you don’t need to question the ethics of what you are watching. Only your imagination counts. Here it is allowed to run wild, reconnecting you to your own innate sensuality and your innermost desires.

Free from the oppressive and homogenous images of mainstream pornography, Sexblotch gives you the time and space to explore sensuality on your own terms.

Here you create an erotic mental space that belongs to you alone, where you can bask in feelings of lust and longing. After all, there are so many ways of experiencing desire – why hold back?


The creators

Serge Goldwicht is an artist and a film director. He has a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). In 2014, he creates a device which allows him to film abstract paint blotches moving at the pace of human desire, without any special effects. Using the blotch as a catalyst of expression, a door to our subconscious, Goldwicht bases his artwork on the therapeutic work of Hermann Rorschach.

The first Sexblotch videos were shown at the ‘Contre Bandes’ festival in Liège, Belgium, in November 2016.
In 2015, he meets Pierre Lebecque, a sound designer and composer, who fuses the images with a musical score specifically created for their unique movements. Pierre has a degree in Social Science and family therapy from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and a Master’s degree in sociology with musicology.


Images: Serge Goldwicht
Sound design: Pierre Lebecque
Image editing: Josja van zadelhoff
Colour grading: Michaël Cinquin
Graphic design: Hélène Taquet


Thanks to all the composers and performers who produced the music on the sound track – Jean-Marc Lederman, Manu Hermia, Ramin Djawadi and Robert Vancraen.
Thanks also to the digital laboratory, Charbon (Belgium)